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If you’re addicted to the A&E television series Hoarders as much as I am, then you’ll be fascinated by E.L. Doctorow’s latest.  Homer and Langley is a fictional account of New York City’s infamous Collyer brothers.  Blind Homer becomes increasingly dependent on Langley for survival, but Langley has returned from the trenches of WWI lung-scarred and slowly going insane.  Langley hoards newspapers, cast-off furniture and even a Ford Model T inside the brother’s once elegant Fifth Avenue mansion.  Doctorow takes us inside the private world of the brothers and provides a sweeping panoramic of 20th century American life.


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The book world lost another talented writer last week. Dick Francis, famous for his crime thrillers set in the horse racing world, passed away at the age of 89. 

Before he took up the pen and put down the whip, Francis was well known as a champion British jockey making his fame working for the royal family. Some say he will be known for riding the Queen Mother’s horse when it unexpectedly belly-flopped close to winning Britain’s most prestigious Grand National in 1956. In all, Francis rode more than 350 winners before injury forced him to give him horse racing.

 Francis was the author of 42 novels. He was awarded Britain’s Silver Dagger in 1965 for For Kicks, three “best mystery novel” Edgar Awards for Forfeit, Whip Hand and Come to Grief and won the Grand Master citation for lifetime achievement  from the Mystery Writers Of America in 1996.

 His first novel, Dead Cert was published in 1962. After that he had published at least one book a year since then writing them all out in long hand.

The heroes of his works, often jockeys but not always, bound through murder plots and kidnapping schemes enduring excruciating torment but triumphant in the end.

If you haven’t read Dick Francis, we’ve got many to choose from and many formats, book, audiobook, large print and even downloadable. Click here to search our catalog.

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Movie buffs the world over await this day every year, the day we find out which of the year’s films get graced with a nomination for an Academy Award. See all of the nominations here. This year the list is a little different. For the first time since 1943 the Best Picture category includes 10 films rather than the 5 films we’ve been used to. The list includes Avatar, The Blind Side, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire, Up, A Serious Man, and Up in the Air.

I was hoping the category’s expansion would also mean a broader variety of films would be nominated. What about Star Trek? Sure, it’s a franchise film with lots of special effects, but it was a lot of fun. Don’t fun films ever get nominated? I loved it, and I’ve never been a Star Trek fan before. I haven’t seen the The Hangover yet, but it won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy – isn’t that worth something? I was very happy to see Up get nominated in both the Best Picture and Animated Feature Film categories, however. It’s about time animated films get some recognition for their storytelling as well as their technical achievements.

Looking at the list of nominees, it looks like I have some catching up to do. I’ve only seen two of the Best Picture nominees. It’s a good thing many of them are already out on DVD or are coming out soon. We already have The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, District 9, and Up in the library’s collection, and will be adding the others as they are released.

The Oscars will be televised on March 7th at 8PM Eastern on ABC.

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We are very fortunate that our library sits in the middle of a dynamic arts and cultural community with award-winning photographers, artists and writers. One such writer/poet, Thomas Lynch, is perhaps very familiar to you. You know his funeral home in the Village and often see him around town. You may know that he has published several books and may even be aware of his Emmy-winning film, The Undertaker. But a glance at his biography on  http://www.thomaslynch.com reveals an artist of world-reaching acclaim. Mr. Lynch’s poetry and short stories have been published in The  Times of London and The Paris Review.  He has lectured at univeristies around the world from United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia to  New Zealand and his interviews and commentaries have been broadcast on the BBC and the RTE in Ireland.

We are indeed fortunate to have Mr. Lynch call Milford his home and even luckier that he has chosen the Milford Public Library to launch his new and first novel, Apparition and Late Fictions: A Novella and Stories.  Please join us for his book launch and signing on February 16th. Make sure to register at (248) 684-0845, as seats will go fast! (more…)

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We’re starting something new at the library. We want to share our passion for reading, viewing and listening with you-through our new blog! What will you find here?  Book, movie and music reviews; book discussions; thoughts on reading; the latest author buzz; and lists of recommended items.  We’ll fill you in on upcoming library events, really anything that pops into the minds of our staff.

What makes a “blog” more than just a web site is your input so feel free to add your comments to any of the posts you find here. Keep in mind that comments will be moderated. 

Bookmark our blog or add it to your favorites pages. Keep checking back with us often!

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