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In August, the Milford Library Board of Trustees adopted two budgets for 2011.  The first budget assumes the library’s millage renewal passing on November 2.  This budget, a 10% reduction from the 2010 budget, takes into account reductions in property taxes, state aid, and penal fines.  Staffing costs are reduced by 8% in this budget and the materials (books, cd books, dvds, etc.) budget by 31%.  It is hoped that current library hours can be maintained with this budget.   The second budget, adopted in the event of the millage renewal failing,  is a 36% reduction from the 2010 budget.  This budget scenario would result in a serious reduction in library services:  materials budget reduced by 58%, staffing costs by 32%, and programming by 100%.  Library hours would be reduced by at least one day per week and up to 4 week-long furloughs in which staff are not paid and the library closed would be planned.  Regular family, preschool and baby storytimes would need to be eliminated due to reductions in staffing.


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With an eye on the upcoming Halloween season, the Milford Public Library will be hosting a program on Thursday, October 7th from 7:00-8:30 P.M. for Gerald S. Hunter, author of the books Haunted Michigan and More Haunted Michigan.  Rev. Hunter will discuss his books and his own experiences with the paranormal.  Following the program he will be signing copies of his books, as well.  Register for this program online at:  http://tinyurl.com/2bq9jlp

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